M*lkman exist to challenge harmful environmental practices, pioneer new ones & create really delicious planet healthy products.

Mlkman are a UK based Vegan milkman service. We produce a range of alternative Milk products which are sold nationwide in reusable glass bottles

We stand for sustainability, quality &  equality and are the first in the UK to offer a delivery on a commercial scale with non-dairy Milks in reusable bottles

Yeah yeah yeah, all sounds great, how do I buy it???

The uk's first refillable oat M*lk dispensers


Mlkman deliver oat milk & coconut milk in reusable glass bottles across London...just like a milkman but with vegan/plant based milks

Both the Oat and the coconut milk have been developed for barista use with coffee machines in mind, and each produce a silky smooth microfoam when steamed.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a coffee machine though. It's still to-oatlly suitable for your daily desiires

Mlkman also deliver Oat milk & Coconut Milk in: Bristol, Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, Margate, Birmingham, Cornwall, Devon, sheffield, wales, cardiff, southampton, portsmouth & kent

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