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About M*lkman

M*lkman was founded way back in 2017 when the chap in the image above was running a smoothie stall on Brick Lane and decided enough was enough, plastic is fucking up the world and we want no part of it!
The milk that came inTetra cartons were not only full of unpronounceable ingredients, the amount of plastic waste was totally unpalatable.
The rising evidence of these plastics ending up in landfill, being shipped off to foreign lands, ending up in the sea or even just becoming incredibly visible in this country was enough to motivate us to find an alternative
The idea to stick M*lk in glass bottles wasn't exactly new, but for alt-milks it was, and from day dot we were never going to contribute to the plastic problem
Furthermore, if we were going to make a positive impact on the planet, we only ever saw a  'Rinse & Re-use' policy as the only viable option!
People seemed more than keen to hop onboard and give us a go
We built a community, attended yoga mornings, went door to door, turned up at shows and even did some less than legal fly-posting campaigns to raise awareness of what we're doing
After  years of literally zero sleep, an insanely ambitious list of 12 nut milk products and endless trips across London by bike, train, foot and eventually M*lkfloat, we have now narrowed things down to our best sellers, Oat & Chocolate Oat M*lk
Our community and our drive to create a better, more sustainable, environmentally conscious future is still, and will forever be at the heart of what we do!

Thanks so much for all of your support dear friends, it really is tremendously appreciated. We love what we do and wouldn't be able to do this without you aboard the M*lk float with us!

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