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Here's some questions we often get asked, accompanied by the answers we often give...


Where do your oats come from?

M*lkman use only Gluten-Free Organic oats in our M*lks. They're all grown pretty locally by independent farmers who are passionate about what they do and the environment they manage. The farm is 100% Organic and GF. The oats travel less than 300 miles to our production site from Aberdeenshire. About as 'l-oatcal' as you can get!

Do you offer Non-Organic Oat M*lks?

M*lkman is committed to causing the least environmental impact possible. We're not compromising on the taste or traceability of our products. We believe our standard product should also be our very best possible product and won't compromise on this to cut costs. As such we will only ever offer an Organic product as a standard. It's the right thing for the health of our environment and our health. For further information on reasons we avoid non-organic oats due to glyphosate contamination see any number of articles 

Are your M*lks fortified?

In short, no. Going down the organic route prohibits us from enhancing our products with Calcium or B12. However, a m*lk product really shouldn't be your go to for these nutrients anyway. Eating a balanced plant based diet should give you all the natural nutrients and goodies you need. Always consult a doctor or a dietician if unsure and ensure to supplement with B12 if you're Vegan

Why Glass Bottles?
The Best question we receive. M*lkman have been going for almost 5 years and will never, ever, ever compromise on our beliefs that as a business we have a corporate responsibility to the protection of the planet
You've seen the images of litter strewn beaches and animals choking on ocean plastics. There's no way we're putting out a product that could end up causing harm to animals or people. Micro plastics have been found to be prevalent in the majority of fish in the sea and they are directly entering our food system too. 
We use glass bottles as it's a throwback to an era where more emphasis was placed on the quality of the goods and the reusability of them rather than focusing on producing the cheapest products possible in the name of corporate greed
We rinse, sterilise and reuse every bottle that comes back to us to ensure a fully closed loop system that keeps our environmental imapct down
Can I change my subscription manually?
You sure can. Just head to the members area. There's a visual diagram on the 'How Deliveries Work' page
What's the average lifespan of a glass bottle?
Until someone decides it makes a handy water bottle or a beautiful vase. But on average 20+ times
How can I get your products if I live outside London?
Check our distributors page and if you're not covered, drop us a message and we'll see who might be able to help locally
What if someone pinches my milk?
On the very rare occasion that this happens we'll drop your replacements back ASAP
How do we deliver?
All of our products are delivered via either electric refrigerated van or by bicycle
What's the shelf life?
As we make a fresh product which only undergoes light pasteurisation, you will receive a product with a minimum of 30 days shelf life
Are all Ingredients British?
Yarp! We have so much amazing produce here, let's keep it local!
How do I become a stockist?
Drop us an email to and we'll be in touch
What's next?
Our dream is to be able to help farmers transition from dairy to oat growing and keep everything in house by showing them that the future is Plant Based and be in a position to create enough demand to make that financially viable.
We'd ideally have a little farmhouse on the grounds with approximately a thousand dogs (as long as Dali agrees) as well as numerous other four legged waifs and strays and live a very simple life farming oats, looking after animals and helping environmentalists

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