500ml Glass bottle


Pistachio nuts (12%) , Medjool Date, Pink himalayan sea salt, Black pepper, Chai spice mix, Agave.


This Pistachio M*lk is perhaps our greatest achievement. Handmade using a 12% pistachio nut content, the mylk is unbelievably thick, creamy and incredibly indulgent. 


The light and delicate flavour of the pistachios are perfectly complimented by the exotic chai flavours and the result is a masterpiece.


Smooth, sweet and full of exotic flavours, it's hard to put it down.


This m*lk has a range of uses and is a great accompaniment to porridges, granolas smoothies although it's perhaps best enjoyed as a stand alone drink enjoyed straight up.


Use within 5 days.

Pistachio & Sweet Chai M*lk | M*lkman